Hotel Hilton, Belgrade, Serbia 31.05-01.05 2019


                                             Honorary President Of The Organizing Committe

                                                             Academician Prof. Dr Vladimir Kanjuh


                                                                                        Organizing Committe

                             M.Banovic, S.Putnik, D.Kostic, I.Koncar, V.Giga, A.Djordjevic-Dikic, A.Redzek, A.Mikic

                                                                                     Scientific Committee

                         Banovic M, Beleslin B, Ivanovic B, Kacar S, Kanjuh V, Kostic T, Micovic S, Mikic A, Nedeljkovic I,

                Neskovic A, Obrenovic B, Putnik S, Redzek A, Ristic A, Stankovic G, Srdanovic I, Stojanovic I, Vukcevic V. 


                                                                                        Invited speakers:

                                                                                              B.Iung, France

                                                                          G.McCann, Great Britain

                                                                          L de Kerchofe, Belgium

                                                                           B.Mimic, Great Britain

                                                                                 M.Deja, Poland

                                                                            J.Bartunek, Belgium

                                                                                  G.Doros, USA

                                                                             M.Penicka, Belgium

                                                                         M Da Costa, Rep Ireland

                                                                              K Smiris, Germany

                                                                               I Medved, Croatia



                                                                   SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM:


08.30-10.00     AVATAR Steering Commitee

10.00               Opening Ceremony - Moderators: M.Banovic, S.Putnik

10.10-10.25     Opening lecture: Challenges in valve disease for the next decade (B Iung, Paris, France)


                                                            Session1.  10:30-12.10

                        Severe aortic valve stenosis treatment: a view from different angles

                        Moderators: B.Obrenovic, A.Mikic, B.Beleslin

10.30-10.45    Asymptomatic severe aortic valve stenosis: the ongoing controversy (G McCann, Leicester, Great  Britain)

10.50-11.05    Surgical valve treatment: choice of prosthesis and antithrombotic therapy (S Putnik, Belgrade, Serbia)

11.10-11.25    TAVI trials, TAVI candidates: contemporary results and future expectations (M Banovic, Belgrade, Serbia)

11.30-11.45    Aortic valve repair: when and how? (L de Kerchofe, Louvain, Belgium)

11.50-12.05    Aortic stenosis in children (B Mimic, Leicester, Great Britain)

12.10-12.30    Coffee break


                                                            Session2.  12.30-14.10

                        Mitral Valve Disease 

                        Moderators: V.Kanjuh , B.Ivanovic, I.Stojanovic

12.30-12.45    The congenital mitral stenosis (V Kanjuh, Belgrade, Serbia)

12.50-13.05    Echocardiographic assessment of mitral regurgitation (I Nedeljkovic, Belgrade, Serbia)

13.10-13.25    When to intervene in secondary mitral regurgitation (M Deja, Katowice, Poland)

13.30-13.45    Mitraclip procedure: challenges and future trends (J Bartunek, Aalst, Belgium)

13.50-14.05    When and how to intervene in mitral valve stenosis (A Redzek, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia)


14.10-15.40    Lunch break

        14.30-15.00    Lunch Symposium :  Bayesian approaches to clinical trials (G Doros, Boston, USA) 

        15.00-15.15    Medtronic Lunch Symposium : Aortic Root Surgery and Endocarditis: Current Practice and New Techniques

        15.20-15.35    Biointegral Lunch Symposium : TBA (I. Medved, Croatia)


                                                            Session3.  15.45-17.00

                           Valvular Heart Disease: “The Global Picture” 

                       Moderators: A.Neskovic, T.Kostic, I.Srdanovic, T.Kacar

15.45-16.00    Aortic stenosis and coronary artery disease: How to evaluate and treatment decisions (V Vukcevic, Belgrade, Serbia)

16.05-16-20    Cardiac MRI: Advantages and defects in evaluating patients with valve disease (M Penicka, Aalst, Belgium)

16.25-16.40    Management of Infective Endocarditis (S Micovic, Belgrade, Serbia)

16.45-17.00    Management of tricuspid valve disease: when is the right time? (M Da Costa, Galway, Rep Ireland)